The Healer...Poetry


The Turning Point

Turning towards you
I see the skeleton
That’s inevitable in the future

I see the oblivion
That will be eternal

I also see the Spirit
That you really are

And I can’t help it
To rejoice in this present moment
As I turn towards you.


Google Earth

My body will wither
And I will miss the experience
Of most places
On the mother ship Earth

Looking at Google maps
I am saddened by that realization
I see these far away places
Where I imagine families
With little boys and girls
Trying to make a go of it

I also think of the animals
Scurrying around
Foraging for food

I’m saddened by the turmoil
On the daily news
About wars, famines and disasters

I think to myself
I should go visit these places
You know before my body gives up
Then I realize
How much it has already given up

However I can’t stop wondering
How magical this mother ship Earth is
And how fortunate I am to be living in one
Of its very beautiful observation decks

The fiery sunsets
The emerald lake
The flying creatures
The rolling hills
The delicious libations
And the best company
One could ask for.


I had no clue

Just when I thought I was “good”, I got this funny feeling inside
Just when I was ready to let go, I saw your face in my dream
Just when I started a new chapter, I became ill with writers block
Just when I opened my eyes, the clouds covered the sun
Just when I thought I was strong, it started to rain outside

And now it’s been raining forever, raining down on me.

Just when I fell to my knees, you opened up a new door
Just when the fire burned out, I felt the heat of your hand
Just when darkness was blinding, I saw the end of a tunnel
Just when I lost everything, I found the treasure of your comfort
Just when the journey was over, I met a new friend

And now it’s stopped raining, I know life goes on forever.

Franco, 10/7/10

When will tomorrow come?

Sometimes I just miss the relationship.
It’s like a habit or an addiction…
I wait for it late into the night.
I guess I don’t want to just let go.
As if something precious is lost.
Maybe never to rekindle or resurrect.
Therefore I hang on for sheer life.
I hope and dream and I’m left to imagine.
What will I learn from all this exchange.
What will I accomplish for your sake.
I know mine…It is to dance a little.
To sleep in your arms…
To awaken again and see the truth.
This is why I stay put.
I wait in vain for another moment.
I take notice of the shifting sand.
The obvious evidence.
The scent that draws me closer.
The hypnotic movements.
The shadow’s edge of despair.
All because I miss you in the tempest.
The one that swirls around us.
The tomorrow that never comes.


Getting to Know You

As I get Older
The body aches with more memories
While the spirit looks to the heavens.

Like the sun explodes to burn out,
I consume energy to prolong the inevitable.
Like the hunter waits for the hunted,
I plant seeds for the reaper.

Yet every day that passes by
the tension relaxes
the waters calm
and the winds subside.

All because I get closer to You
Know you more intimately
See you in every instant
And await your embrace.


She walks past my vision
in white Light
Her smile reassuring of our love.
Gardenia petals cover her path
while sunflowers rise and fall.
She wears red shoes
an orange skirt
a yellow belt around her waist.
By her breast dangles
a heart shaped emerald
a silk blue scarf around her neck
an indigo jewel above her brow
and the coolest violet hat.
Her posture is secure
proud, gentle.
Her legs disappear
into her long golden hair.
In between it all
there’s a knockout queen.
She’s majestic, body lean.
When she speaks
her voice is soft
like angelic music
she sings the truth.
She cries when she hurts
her laughter is contagious
her eyes hypnotic.
The universe breathes
when she locks into my gaze.
Her touch sparks imagination
and her spirit has got me intoxicated.


I’m out of Integrity always, at some moment in my life.
The way it is, just is!
I add some meaning to that.
However I know it doesn’t mean anything.
There is always a breakdown, an upset, a resentment,
a regret or failure at some moment in my life.
That is my experience and I take full responsibility for my experience.
I give up my upsets and “get off it”
I Am that, I Am.

I take actions that would have me be complete,
with anything that warrants completion.
Always acknowledge what I have accomplished,
and take every opportunity to do the same with others.
Be grateful, live joyfully, Be inquisitive.

Create! Create! Create!

Love’s Support

Easily I hide from my greatness
as if the sun is too hot for the stage
In the cave where it's damp and dark
I shrivel while the world forgets.

Only I know the damage...
the multiple times I killed possibility
as if the alternative was a feast…
I'm left with nothing to give.

Opportunity, like the ocean, is relentless
my remains are washed like grains of sand.
Lost underfoot like the pounding of resignation
I die from despair.

Yet the cleansing, like a pendulum swing
brings me back home where I belong
In the arms of love’s support
fertile as the seed and falling rain.

With everything I need inside me
and everything available outside of me
I spring forward like an idea
and my dreams are fulfilled by your glory.


The Master Key

I've got so many ways to show her how easy it is
I've got the master key that fits every lock
and I will always remember the first time that we met
Two hearts coming together as one
Just the way it’s supposed to be.

This is what a man wants
Yeah…I like it that way
and if I had a million dollars
I’d buy her a big house
Because she’s always a woman to me.

I swore I had enough…
Yet out of the clear blue sky a new Love has arrived
and if I ever change my mind
bring it right back home to me
cause those were the best years of my life.

Now the times are changing
and I guess nothing lasts forever
So I thought it wouldn’t matter
if I had to make it on my own
but if you could only see the way she loves me

Maybe you’d understand
why I’m wasted away again
living on sponge cake, watching the sun bake,
listening to a rock and roll station
thinking this must be my destination.

So another one bites the dust
and am I ready for this?
There’s always some reason to feel not good enough
Yet in the arms of an Angel
I find some peace tonight.


Moon over Canyon

The full moon migrates west into the early morning sky
Shimmering on the lake’s dark glassy water
Before the rest of the world awakens

Perched in a birds nest, high above the surface
A warm cup of coffee awaits uncertain clutches…
One wonders what’s going on around here

Always a desire for connection
And a fear of retreat
Ever present in a moment’s life

The experience is monumental
As the moon looks back in full expression
To the source that bears everything transparent

What is hidden
Daybreak will reveal
Only to be blinded by white noise

The chatter’s attempt to communicate
With symbols only recognized by a few
And understood by a handful

Hello out there
Is anyone in here?
Coffee consumed, illusion intact.


Man out of time

Allison I know this world is killing you
You used to hold me in your hands
now visible shivers run down my spine
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
She said that's that
I don't want to chit chat,
I don't really need that,
either shut up or put out.

As I walk through this wicked world
there is one thing I want to know
what's so funny about
peace love and understanding?
Where is that sweet harmony?

I would rather be anywhere else but here today.
Accidents will happen.
There are so many fish in the sea
yet I can't stand up from falling down.
I stepped on the brakes to get out of the clutches.
You better watch your step,
as you turn to walk away.
The only thing I have to say is
it's been a good year for the roses.

It's time to tell the truth
these things we have to face
I'm running out of fuse.
I want you...
I want you...
I want you...

Lyrics by Elvis Costello
Arrangement by Franco

Another Breath

It’s still the night
And I can no longer see
Because of our distance.

However my desire to live
Keeps you alive
And your life
Gives me life.

Thank you.

I will always love you
From near
And from far.

We know it’s nobody’s fault
And love is meant for everyone.

This is how I can smile a little
How I can see the shadows
In the night of my beginnings,
During moments when I can’t go on
And I wand to forget my own soul.

But it’s not possible
The sun burns the moon
And the new day
Another breath.

Franco Pepe

A day in the Life

Franco sits alone at the keyboard.
The color wash spinning in the dryer.
The kids are asleep.
The lights are off except for the computer monitor.

Franco lounges on green plastic chairs
Outside his home, in the back yard
He basks under a warn California sunshine
On his lap there’s a bowl of warm pork and beans
He uses spicy corn chips for a spoon
He eats the spoons.

Franco sits in the lounge of a car dealer
He sips French vanilla coffee from a Styrofoam cup.
His car is having a relay switch replaced.
He admires the craftsmanship of all the accessories.
On his mind is the opportunity to make a difference,
while he reads “The Source Document”.

Franco runs his business from home.
His favorite music plays on the stereo.
The telephone keeps ringing off the hook
While conversations define his life.

Franco communicates to find “what is real?”
His Mandala painting awaits brush strokes
His home is empty and quiet, gathering dust
The waterfall in its entrance has been dry
His belly gathers momentum outward
While another day vanishes into the past.

Franco sits at the kitchen table counting his money.
He uses a calculator
To project into the future.
The numbers don’t lie
As he becomes aware of the folly.

A gentle yet persistent wind
Freezes Franco’s right arm
his hand chills to the bone.
He thinks about his death
as innocence slowly decays.

Franco remembers after he forgets
Cooks breakfast for his children
before sending them off to school
His days are free to do as he pleases
Yet he decides to forget all over again.


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